What We Do

We’re not satisfied with the status quo.

The Intersect Power team leverages financial and energy market sophistication into efficient, innovative, and scalable solutions that address the rapidly evolving needs of its customers and long-term investment partners alike.

The team continues to deepen partnerships across the capital markets and supply chain, expand greenfield development, and pursue innovative technologies and business models that define what comes next in renewable infrastructure.

Electric power substation


There is no change to be made by following the pack.


Each project builds on a track record of success.


A rapidly evolving market demands an agile team.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, many members of the Intersect Power team have developed together for more than a decade and delivered over 2 GWDC solar to COD across 60+ solar projects with another 1.7GW currently in construction. We benefit from significant lessons learned through this shared experience, as our work bringing projects through construction and operation informs our early-stage development. We formed Intersect Power to continue our mission of preserving the planet for future generations by building clean energy infrastructure.

We’re here for a reason.

Rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions and a warming planet demand immediate action. We do the work we do to help mitigate the environmental, humanitarian, and economic impacts of climate change. Our country’s aging energy infrastructure and the dramatic cost declines in renewable energy create an unprecedented opportunity to meet the needs of the day by deploying clean infrastructure at scale. The time is now to invest in large-scale, low-carbon solutions to rebuild our economy and preserve our planet.

Our markets move, and we move our markets.

Our team has led, and succeeded throughout, rapid changes in the renewable energy sector. We started during the early days of kilowatt-scale solar projects, pioneered 5-20 MWDC projects, and graduated to increasingly sophisticated and complex transactions of 100-650 MWDC plants. Today, we dream—and deal—in gigawatts, and position ourselves at the forefront of what’s next in renewable energy. We see no limits to how far and fast clean infrastructure can grow.

Success in spite of adversity.

We have had tremendous success despite the ups and downs of energy markets. We have together weathered the 2008 financial crisis, changes to the Federal Investment Tax Credit, module tariffs, challenging real estate and permitting conditions, historically low natural gas and power prices, and the increasingly competitive landscape of clean energy investments. 2020 presented a host of new obstacles for all, but throughout it, we will continue delivering on our commitments and building the infrastructure of the future.