The simple, long-term PPA is dead

Intersect Power believes there is no change, nor money, to be made by following the pack. With a nimble team, we identify new and attractive combinations of risk and reward before our competitors, maximizing returns and overall platform value.

Our sophisticated, differentiated approach to structuring offtake arrangements provides higher risk-adjusted returns compared to the declining yields on standard, longer-term contracts. Intersect Power brings a depth of energy and power market experience, giving us the perspective, understanding, and financial acumen to make clean infrastructure a valuable, mainstream investment.

Intersect Power has created significant value by developing 1.7 GW of large solar projects in a short period of time.

Raman Nanda, CEO, SB Energy

Proven stewards of capital

Our team has been a part of over $10 billion of successful debt and long-term equity financing transactions for utility-scale power projects. Intersect Power’s finance team is deeply experienced, sophisticated, and innovative, and has strong relationships with capital partners from banks and infrastructure funds to strategic investors and utilities. We work with some of the leading names in debt, equity, and tax equity to structure deals that reflect today’s rapidly evolving markets, and provide value for both short-term investors and long-term asset owners.

Trusted Partners