It takes a village

The Intersect Power team knows long-lasting, effective working relationships are the key to project success. We are an innovative and reliable partner and strive for long-term relationships wherever possible. We expect of our partners what we expect of ourselves, ensuring that our projects are built—from idea to operation—by the best.

Our partners share our thorough approach and extensive experience, as well as our commitment to our projects. It takes a village, and Intersect Power is a proud partner of some of the most innovative, reliable, and collaborative suppliers and contractors in the industry. We’re in it, together, for the long haul.

We’ve known Sheldon and the Intersect Power team for years, and are big fans of their sophisticated, next-generation approach to utility-scale solar development.

Dan Shugar, CEO of Nextracker

Partnering for opportunity

Intersect Power has recently sold a large pipeline of projects in California and Texas, and is actively involved in early- and mid-stage development across the U.S. With a fully staffed development team and the robust financial support of multiple debt and equity partners, Intersect Power can be a strong partner for existing developers, landowners, contractors, equipment suppliers, and many others. If you’re interested in working with us, please Contact Us.

Trusted Partners