Our core values

People Come First – Our value is in our people. We seek to be our best selves, not just the best employees.

Long-run Value – Our overarching purpose is to preserve this planet for generations to come. This is our life’s work and requires patience and discipline, not freneticism.  

Authenticity – Given our commitment to our work, it must be an environment where all are accepted. All must be welcome, and everyone must be their true selves for us to succeed.

Humility – Ego crowds our curiosity and questioning, which are the roots of our success. We strive to be the smartest team in the industry rather than the smartest people in the room. 

We are a team of friends working to preserve our planet for future generations through low-carbon energy and infrastructure solutions.

Sheldon Kimber, CEO and Co-Founder, Intersect Power

The journey is the destination  

Fun and enjoyment is in the moment, not in some far-distant future. Every day of our lives won’t be perfect, but in the relatively short term we should find balance, achievement, and enjoyment.