The property, which has been harvested or grazed for many decades, is zoned for agricultural and rural residential use. Solar electricity generation and energy storage would be compatible uses after issuance of a Conditional Use Permit from Alameda County.

Aramis is committed to facilitating continued agricultural use of the site by targeted sheep grazing, planting and maintaining commercial honeybee forage, and allowing for ongoing access to the project site by commercial beekeepers. Ongoing agricultural management of the site offers the following agricultural and community benefits:

Promoting honey-bee forage vegetation and controlling invasive weeds

Maintaining soil capability and minimizing agricultural water use

Promoting pollination services and honey production

Managing onsite fuel load of vegetation

Promoting wool production

Aramis would work with commercial beekeepers and sheep operators to both ensure the project is developed for viable sheep and bee operations and provide for routine, periodic access to the project site when forage conditions are favorable.