Daniel Powell

PV Engineering Specialist

Daniel Powell is a PV Engineering Specialist at Intersect Power, driving PV design and optimization efforts across the firm’s portfolio.

Daniel brings a strong expertise in renewable energy engineering and modelling, having previously led PV and energy storage performance engineering efforts at Recurrent Energy across a 5GW+ pipeline of projects. While at Recurrent, Daniel provided technical guidance for all phases of Recurrent’s project development cycle, supporting numerous transactions and helping the team bring over 1GW of assets to NTP during his time at the company. Prior to working in utility scale renewables, Daniel was an EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Google with a focus on sustainability strategy and evaluation of on-site renewable energy opportunities across the company’s commercial real-estate portfolio.

Daniel holds a BASc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and a M.S. in Energy Science and Technology from ETH Zurich where his studies focused on solar energy and its application in the production of renewable fuels including green hydrogen.