Hendrick Lo

Vice President, Procurement

Hendrick Lo is a partner at Intersect Power. He is responsible for equipment procurement, engineering, and pre-construction activities and has been in the forefront of achieving cost competitive and bankable PV systems with many of the major players in the industry.

Over the last eleven years, Hendrick led procurement teams to close 35+ transactions with engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, operations and maintenance (O&M) operators, module, transformer, and inverter suppliers for ~4 GWp of solar projects. In sum, these transactions represent over $5 billion in value. Prior to joining Intersect Power, Hendrick was Senior Vice President of Strategic Procurement at Recurrent Energy, one of North America’s largest solar project developers.

Hendrick started his career as an analyst at McKinsey & Company, Hong Kong. He also worked as an investment manager in KLM Capital, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Later, he worked in business development for Solectron Global Services in China, and as a product manager of Solar Business Group in Applied Materials. He holds a M.Eng. and B.A. in Engineering of Information Science from University of Cambridge, England.