Clean Infrastructure for America's Future.


Who We Are

Intersect Power is an infrastructure development company bringing utility-scale power to wholesale customers and markets, with the goal of delivering value and viability to both energy buyers and project investors. Currently focused on "greenfield" solar and storage project development, Intersect Power’s functional expertise spans all relevant disciplines including site acquisition, permitting, interconnection, origination, engineering, procurement, construction and finance. The team played a leading role in developing, financing and delivering to commercial operation over 2GWp of renewable assets and creating over half a billion dollars of value for early stage project investors. The Intersect Power team  has a tremendous track record of identifying and capturing value together. 



What We Do

Our experience and our passion is in aligning the chaos of development’s many variables to turn an idea into highly viable and competitive projects. We are disciplined in our process and prioritization across acquisition, origination, and site development. Having successfully developed and built solar PV projects in the US and Canada, we have a deep understanding and demonstrated ability to develop to the expectations of our partners, customers, and investors.



“The value of our projects intersects with the inevitable change in energy markets.”

Sheldon Kimber  |  Co-Founder


What Makes Us Different

Across the last decade, we’ve continually adapted to the evolving landscape of financial markets, energy markets and the solar industry. Despite this dynamic backdrop, our team repeatedly identified development themes, producing competitive projects that obtained contracts and reached commercial operation. Together we have played a leading role in taking more than 60 projects, as small as 1MW and as large as 270MW, from inception through to financing and commissioning.  This repeated success demonstrates our ability to leverage our project experience to make subsequent early stage development decisions. Having navigated the challenges of late stage development, we know what’s required to overcome the inevitable obstacles and advance projects through development and into operation.



Why Now

The aging energy infrastructure of our country combined with the staggering cost declines of new technologies have created a once in a generation opportunity to rebuild our country’s energy sector. We have the opportunity to reduce our costs while also building with cleaner technologies based on natural gas, renewables, and electricity storage. This has the capacity to provide millions of new jobs in growing, high-technology fields and produce intellectual property and manufacturing capabilities that allow our country to lead the global energy transformation. Within the decades to come, there is no surer bet than the re-invention of the energy sector and the rebuilding of our infrastructure with these new technologies. Our goal is to develop projects whose value intersects with this inevitable change in energy markets.