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Our Portfolio

Rapid Portfolio Development at Scale
The climate is warming, and our society will be forced to decarbonize well beyond the power sector. Industries such as shipping, heavy industry, and digital infrastructure are looking toward clean energy as the foundation of decarbonization. Intersect Power has already delivered billions of dollars of industrial-scale clean infrastructure and possesses a proven track record in both business model and technological innovation.

Intersect Power Portfolio

We have a base portfolio of 2.2 GW of operating solar PV and 2.4 GWh of storage in operation or construction. Our business plan includes growth in grid-tied renewables, as well as large-scale clean energy assets, including battery storage, data centers, and green hydrogen.

Our base portfolio represents some of the world’s largest projects, aligned with the Company’s approach to develop scalable, capital efficient projects. The business plan includes growth in grid-tied renewables, as well as large-scale clean energy assets including green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol.

Athos III

Located in Riverside County, California, Intersect Power’s Athos III Solar + Storage Facility is a feat of scale and innovation that generates 224 MWac/310 MWp of solar power. Built with union labor, American-made solar panels, batteries and steel piles, Athos III features 448 MWh of co-located storage and produces reliable, low-cost energy equivalent to powering approximately 94,000 homes.


Located in Brown County, Texas, Intersect Power’s Radian Solar Facility generates 320 MWac/415 MWp of solar power. The Project creates jobs, supports local businesses, and significantly increases tax revenues all while delivering clean, affordable power to Texans, even on the hottest days, for the next 30 years.


Located in Riverside County, California, Intersect Power’s Oberon Solar + Storage Facility generates 500 MWac/678 MWp of solar power, enough to power over 207,000 homes a year, and features 250 MW/1000 MWh of co-located storage. Oberon aligns with the priorities of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) by using American-made equipment and paying prevailing wages, with more 930 skilled union jobs created at during construction. 



Located in Scurry County, Texas, Intersect Power’s Lumina Solar Facility generates 640 MWac/828 MWp of solar power, enough to power more than 243,000 homes. Built with First Solar panels, the project created more than 900 jobs at peak construction, all of which adhered to a commitment to fair equitable compensation, providing prevailing wages throughout the entire development cycle.

1.7 GW Portfolio Sold to SoftBank

The portfolio of projects sold to SoftBank includes the 180 MWac Aragorn, 300 MWac Juno, and 260 MWac Titan projects located in Texas and the 250 MWac Athos and 200 MWac  Athos II projects located in California.