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Who we are

About Us

Intersect Power is a clean energy company bringing innovative and scalable low-carbon solutions to its global customers. We develop some of the world’s largest clean energy resources, providing low-carbon electricity, fuels, and related products to customers for U.S. consumption and international export. We have a base portfolio of 2.2 GW of solar PV and 2.4 GWh of storage. Our business plan includes growth in grid-tied renewables, as well as large-scale clean energy assets such as green hydrogen.



Why We are Different

As a team of friends working to preserve our planet for future generations through low-carbon energy and infrastructure solutions, we have developed, constructed and operated together for more than a decade. Intersect Power is a vertically integrated greenfield development platform from extraction, delivery, marketing, financing to operation of clean energy products.

Company Timeline

In the past ~2 years the Company has closed $5B in project financings and raised nearly $1B in corporate equity (TPG, CAI, Trilantic) to support the buildout of the Base Portfolio and additional growth projects.


Build the most innovative, resource-efficient, and scalable vertically integrated clean energy company.

U.S. Based Supply Chain

Intersect has proactively invested in securing domestically manufactured equipment. Our robust supply chain strategy, that underpinned our 2021 success, positions us to successfully procure for more complex integrated solar, wind and H2 projects. Our team actively manages supply chain risk through the careful selection of technology and EPC partners, early contracting of key equipment, and ongoing engagement with counterparties.

Our Team

Executive Leadership


Sheldon Kimber

Chief Executive Officer,


Luke Dunnington

President, Co-Founder

Simon Ross

Chief Commercial Officer

Nick Pape

Chief Financial Officer

John Cook

Chief Legal Officer

Jen Manter

EVP Legal and Administration, General Counsel

Nick Spicer

Chief Operating Officer

Our Board Members

Andrianne Payson
Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Veolia North America
Bill Green
Managing Partner, Climate Adaptive Infrastructure
Edward Beckley
TPG Partner, TPG Rise Climate
Glenn Jacobson
Managing Partner, Greenbelt Capital Partners
Luke Dunnington
Chief Development Officer, President, Co-Founder, Intersect Power
Liam Stewart
Chief Operating Officer, DigitalBridge
Maryanne Hancock
Chief Executive Officer, Y Analytics
Sheldon Kimber
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Intersect Power
Steven Mandel
Partner, TPG Rise Climate

Join Our Team

We are solutions-oriented people who prize creativity in all facets of our business. We take risks and try new things without fear of failure. We collaborate across all aspects of our business and encourage employees to help us innovate and “encode” solutions throughout the organization. If you’re interested in joining this community of experts, we would love to hear from you.