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NPM Interconnections – Episode 42: Sheldon Kimber | Intersect Power

Sheldon Kimber, the CEO and founder of renewable developer Intersect Power joins the podcast to discuss the possible impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 —announced on July 27 after Senators Manchin and Schumer reached a compromise— on renewable...

Renewable Energy World Factor This! Podcast: How the solar industry swayed Biden on import tariffs

Intersect Power CEO Sheldon Kimber joins the podcast to discuss the early days of Recurrent Energy, tariffs, and solar's path forward.

Climate Positive Podcast: Sheldon Kimber | The Nexus of Deep Decarbonization

Sheldon Kimber appears on the Climate Positive Podcast to talk about deep decarbonization and the clean energy industry.

Berkeley One Haas Podcast: Sheldon Kimber | Shaping the Future of the Energy Industry

Sheldon Kimber appears on the Berkley One Haas Podcast to talk about clean energy, green hydrogen, and decarbonization.

HPScast Podcast: Sheldon Kimber | CEO & Founder of Intersect Power

Learn how Sheldon Kimber plans to grow and scale low-carbon technology at Intersect Power to propel the future of the clean energy industry forward

Green Hydrogen, a Suncast Media and Intersect Power Collaboration

In this mini-Series we will help you filter hope from hype and reality from fiction to see where the true opportunities exist with Green Hydrogen.

Suncast Podcast: Marc Anderseen Is Wrong. Clean Energy Will Drive A Domestic Investment Boom, With Sheldon Kimber, CEO Of Intersect Power

Marc Andreessen Is Wrong. Clean Energy Can Drive A Domestic Infrastructure Boom - Sheldon Kimber, CEO Of Intersect Power

Suncast Podcast: Is Solar Ready For Merchant Markets? Guest Sheldon Kimber, CEO Intersect Power

This conversation took place in the Podcast Lounge live at SPI 2019 between Christian Roselund, Editorial Director of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and Sheldon Kimber, Founder & CEO of Intersect Power, a developer of utility-scale renewables. Key ideas explored: The...