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The Intersection Blog

Solar Cost Declines Were a Lie… Sort Of

Sheldon Kimber: the real threat to our industry lies in the fact that we have willingly cornered ourselves into a technology and supply chain path that exposes us to long-term cost increases and instability.

The Future of the Grid

Despite a lack of any progress or supporting evidence many folks in our industry continue to believe that an Eisenhower style buildout is somehow coming to save the US electric grid. At Intersect Power, we're not waiting around to see...

Texas: Global Energy Pioneer Or Political Tempest

Sheldon Kimber: Today the state of Texas finds itself at the vanguard of another major energy transition - defined by a boom of entrepreneurial endeavors, government support for a nascent industry, disruption of existing markets and the potential for unbelievable...

End of Year Reflections: Climate Policy is Here to Stay. That Was the Easy Part

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is giving much to the clean energy industry and much will be required of us.

Bridge Between Vision and Progress is Built in Steel. That’s Where Intersect Power Comes In.

Sheldon Kimber: It’s been a tough year for clean energy, but adversity favors the strong and we at Intersect Power have never been stronger.

The Secure Path Forward

Sheldon Kimber: Anyone telling you there is a clear and simple strategy for saving US consumers from the volatility and uncertainty of global energy markets is not correct.

The Nexus of Deep Decarbonization

Intersect Power Founder and CEO, Sheldon Kimber, discusses his vision for the inevitable industries that will arise from low-cost clean electricity.

Corporations Thrived In Spite of AND Because Of Higher Taxes that Lead to Massive Government Investments

Sheldon Kimber: My point of view on whether or not we can afford to place a higher tax burden on US corporations to solve the climate crisis.

A Country-Defining Investment is Not Spending

Sheldon Kimber: The debate over President Biden’s proposal for historic government investment to combat climate change is a colossal waste of time when the overwhelming facts of history are starkly laid out before us.

Federal Clean Energy Standard: Designing Markets For Clean Power

It’s a hard truth: not all clean energy is created equally and not all of it will help solve climate change.

Just Because It Doesn’t Have A Price Doesn’t Make It Free

Addressing the unaccounted costs of climate change is a key part of our solutions at Intersect Power

Software Is Eating the World, But Steel Is The Hardware It Runs On: A Reply to Marc Andreessen’s “It’s Time To Build”

Sheldon Kimber, Founder and CEO of Intersect Power, responds to Marc Andreessen’s blog post entitled “It’s Time To Build.”