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Life at Intersect Power

Friendship is our Foundation

As a fully-flexible team with employees across the U.S. and Canada, we sometimes long for that in-person connection with our co-workers and friends. We believe everyone should work from where they work best, but we also like getting together in person to boost connectedness, creativity, and shared experiences as a team. Our team gets together every couple of months for Team Weeks – to work near each other, dive into deeper conversations, relax, and be social. These shared experiences strengthen our community, keep us aligned, and help us deliver on our mission.

Work where you want

We were virtual before it was cool. We have been a fully flexible workplace since our founding in 2016, and we’ve been very intentional about the way we do things. We are not work-from-home, hybrid, or in-office – we are any and all of those options! Whatever works for you, works for us. We have employees across the United States and Canada.
Belonging Begins With Each Of Us
Our DEI program starts with the strong community of individuals we are building here at Intersect Power. We focus on creating equitable policies, initiatives, and daily actions that lead to a community where everyone can be seen for who they are as individuals. The work of DEI at Intersect is often personal, emotional, and nuanced. We walk together in this journey and dedicate team time to help foster ongoing dialogue and connection at a human level. Our hope is to create a community where we can all learn and evolve, resulting in a strong, innovative and inclusive team.

Our Mission

A team of friends working to preserve our planet for future generations through low-carbon energy and infrastructure solutions.

Our Core Values


We strive to build a culture that recognizes the unique experiences of each of us and gives everyone the necessary resources and opportunities to personally excel and shape our shared future.


Ego crowds our curiosity and questioning which are roots of our success. We strive to be the smartest team in the industry rather than the smartest people in the room.


Given our commitment to our work it must be an environment where all are accepted. Everyone must be their true self for us to succeed.

Long-run Value

Our overarching purpose is to preserve this planet for generations to come. This is our life’s work and requires patience and discipline not freneticism.

People Come First

Our value is in our people. Balance and self-care are critical for exceptional individuals to sustainably perform at a high level. We seek to be our best selves, not just the best employee.

Benefits and Perks

Our value is in our people. Balance and self-care are critical for exceptional individuals to sustainably perform at a high level. To deliver on our goals, we promote a culture that values the things that our team values – flexibility, community, impact, family, and a healthy lifestyle. We prioritize offering above-market benefits programs and tools and creating space for individual journeys around mental and physical well-being for all our employees, even when we are moving fast and working hard.

Comprehensive healthcare

Free access to mental health support and behavioral health coaching

At-home office supplies and furniture

Monthly stipend to Grubhub

Paid parental leave, family planning, and new parent support

Unlimited PTO, plus two company-wide vacation weeks

Professional learning and development budget per employee

Pet care and pet insurance

Join Our Team

We are solutions-oriented people who prize creativity in all facets of our business. We take risks and try new things without fear of failure. We collaborate across all aspects of our business and encourage employees to help us innovate and “encode” solutions throughout the organization. If you’re interested in joining this community of experts, we would love to hear from you.