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S.F. company’s plan for large East Bay solar farm faces key hearing

The facility in North Livermore would power 25,000 Bay Area homes each year, offset 188,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide and provide about 400 local union jobs.

Cal Matters: California’s climate goals likely out of reach

California is unlikely to meet its ambitious climate goals, two reports released Tuesday show.

Company unveils new habitat conservation plan for Livermore solar project

The developer behind the proposed Aramis solar energy plant currently under appeal with the county government has announced plans to seek voluntary state and federal permits as part of a new conservation strategy to address potential wildlife impacts of the...

Intersect Power – LVCC’s Featured Chairman’s Circle Sponsor

Intersect Power is working closely with Alameda County residents, businesses, and the political leaders to bring Aramis Solar, a 100 MW solar power plus storage project to North Livermore. The Aramis project would be one of northern California’s largest solar...

Renewable solar energy runs into opposition in North Livermore

Land north of Interstate 580 outside of the Livermore city limits has been a growth battleground since the 1970s. 

Livermore: Proposed Aramis solar farm loses land, hit with cease-and-desist

Potential 38-acre lease deal falls through; Intersect Power says project isn't jeopardized

LLNL Researchers Increase Global Warming Estimate

Enough carbon dioxide has already entered the atmosphere to cause global warming in excess of 2 degrees Celsius regardless of future efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, according to scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and two research universities.

Brownwood News: Commissioners Retain Austin Law Firm For Consulting On Proposed Solar Farm

Brown County Commissioners Court voted 4-1 Monday morning to retain Allison, Bass & McGee, LLP, as consultants for a potential Brown County Solar Project with Intersect Power.  The law firm is based in Austin, Texas.

Brownwood News: Commissioners Take No Action On Request For Tax Abatement

 At the Brown County Commissioners Court meeting today, no action was taken on a request for a tax abatement for a solar power farm project.

County approves 410-acre Aramis solar project north of Livermore

The proposal to develop a 410-acre, utility-scale solar power plant north of Livermore were approved last week by the East County Board of Zoning Adjustments, but opponents of the project said they plan to appeal the decision to the Alameda...

Wildlands Supports The Aramis Project

I’m writing in response to an Oct. 21, 2020, story entitled, “Local Group Engages Solar Consultant for Alternative Options.”

County Subcommittee Recommends to Move Forward with Current Solar Utility Development

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ two-member Planning and Transportation Subcommittee on Tuesday agreed to move forward with drafting a comprehensive county solar policy.

How Coronavirus Is Disrupting Solar and Wind Energy Production

Meanwhile, major U.S. solar developers that can’t get their hands on enough panels are issuing their own “force majeure” notices to utilities. Invenergy and NextEra Energy, the developers of the first two utility-scale solar farms in the state of Wisconsin, both cited...

Coronavirus May Challenge Solar Industry’s Tax Credit Strategy

U.S. solar developers didn’t account for COVID-19 in their meticulous plans for extending their ITC eligibility. Solar developers working in the U.S. have spent years refining their plans to secure the federal Investment Tax Credit for as much of their pipeline...

Green hydrogen backed by US solar firms 8minute and Intersect Power

Two solar firms have helped launch an industry group promoting green hydrogen, which is produced using solar or wind power. The group backs a Utah project that would use 30% green hydrogen in 2025 and 100% green hydrogen by 2045.

LADWP Helps Launch New Organization to Focus on Green Hydrogen

GHC is an educational non-profit dedicated to facilitating policies and practices to advance green hydrogen production and use in all sectors where it will accelerate a carbon-free energy future.