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The Nexus of Deep Decarbonization

Our existing products are enabling the zero-carbon industries of the future. We are vertically integrating into many of these emerging industries.

Our Approach to Value Creation

It’s a new era for clean energy companies as infrastructure becomes a growth industry again. We are proven innovators at the forefront of these market and technology changes, leading the industry to more structured and sustainable offtakes for today’s clean energy products while taking new products like green H₂ from ideas to steel in the ground. Our proven ability to deploy large amounts of capital into innovative projects while achieving superior risk-adjusted returns makes our business more flexible, scalable, and profitable than our peers. This same track record and innovation enable us to deliver more reliable and valuable solutions for our customers.

Our Customers

We help our customers, including corporate partners who co-invest in many of our projects, meet their ESG goals. Our customers are among the largest energy users and clean energy investors in the country, including utilities, community choice aggregators, large corporate buyers, energy services companies, and energy traders. Our customers get energy solutions that are not only cost-effective but are delivered more reliably and in a more socially responsible manner due to our strong domestic supply chain. Our innovative electricity and fuels products provide solutions that will power the zero-carbon homes and businesses of the future.

Our Partners

We strive to be an active member and steward of the communities where we develop, own, and operate clean energy projects and aim to create long-term relationships and leave a positive impact. Our projects support rural economic development for both landowners and the local community through job creation, increased tax revenue, and support of local non-profit organizations. Through our domestic supply chain, we also support the growth of U.S. manufacturing by sourcing American made products, including solar panels and steel.
Our Approach to Project Development

This country has huge goals for growing our industries of tomorrow and addressing climate change. We are expanding beyond our base portfolio of 2.2 GW of operating solar PV and 2.4 GWh of storage to build one of the largest and fastest-growing grid-tied businesses in the country. Our growth and innovation will also happen “outside the grid” as green hydrogen and other energy-intensive industrial loads relocate closer to the high capacity factor, low cost, clean electricity projects that we are developing.

If we’re going to meet society’s ambitious decarbonization goals, we must take high capacity, low cost, clean electrons and create a bridge between the power sector and the hard to abate sectors of the economy. Clean fuels made from green hydrogen are that bridge, allowing scalable sources of green energy to be stored, moved, and traded globally for the first time. The green hydrogen revolution is predicated on cheap reliable sources of electricity, positioning Intersect Power, one of the nation’s largest clean electricity providers, to win the race to provide clean fuels globally.