The Nexus of
Deep Decarbonization

Intersect Power develops and owns some of the world’s largest clean energy resources providing low-carbon electricity, fuels, and related products to customers across North America. Intersect Power brings innovative and scalable low-carbon solutions to its customers in retail and wholesale energy markets.

The zero-carbon industries of tomorrow are enabled by the clean electricity technologies of today.

Scalable and Innovative Approach

Intersect Power is redefining the scope of the clean energy industry by enabling new pathways between clean electricity and the broader economy. Intersect Power navigates the uncertainties of clean infrastructure development, ownership, and operations to provide our customers in energy and commodity markets with viable and competitive low-carbon solutions.

The Future Belongs to Platforms

The clean energy industry is now simply the energy industry. As is the case in conventional energy, vertical integration across extraction, delivery, marketing, and financing of clean energy products will be critical to building sustainable and scalable enterprises. The days of simplistic EPC or “build and flip” developers creating outsized value are over. Intersect Power is laser-focused on scalable, transformative clean energy projects that minimize cost and risk per MW deployed and move the needle on the deep decarbonization of our economy.

On The Forefront of Market Changes

Leading the market to more structured and sustainable offtakes for today’s clean energy products while taking new products like green H2 from ideas to steel in the ground. As clean energy expands to include green hydrogen, carbon capture, and other zero-carbon infrastructure powered by renewables, Intersect Power is creating equally strong customer relationships in these new markets.