The Aramis Renewable Energy Project is a proposed large-scale solar energy and battery storage facility in the North Livermore community of Alameda County. The project has been designed with community and environmental benefits in mind. We invite you to learn more about the project by navigating this website. As research studies and environmental reports become available, they will be posted here for public review. We encourage community members and other interested stakeholders to sign up for notifications and to engage with the project as it goes through the permitting process.

Download the project fact sheet here.

Alameda County Board of Supervisors Unanimously Approved Aramis Renewable Energy Project

View the Aramis Draft EIR here.

Questions? See Aramis FAQ here.

The Aramis project will provide:

  • 100 MWac of clean, local, reliable power

  • 400 living-wage, all union jobs

  • 188,000 metric tons of CO2 offset

  • 25,000 homes powered annually

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Conservation & Recreation

The Aramis Renewable Energy Project avoids impacts to sensitive wildlife and habitats, and the project will have the benefit of creating a new recreational hiking trail for local residents.

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The Aramis project will create jobs through a project labor agreement (PLA) between IP Aramis, LLC and five local construction crafts in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

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The Aramis Renewable Energy Project is conducting a complete set of technical environmental studies to understand and minimize project impacts.

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Learn about how the Aramis Renewable Energy Project is serving the local community, through donations to food banks, regional parks, and family services organizations.

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Solar electricity generation and agricultural activities can coexist, and the Aramis Renewable Energy Project will graze sheep and provide honeybee forage.

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